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Unapproved HT Cotton

Unapproved HT Cotton

SABC Unearths Sale of Unapproved HT Cotton

  • 1SABC’s Representation on Unapproved HT Cotton to the Government of India dated 5 September 2017
  • 2 Annexure 1. Estimated illegal sale of herbicide tolerant cotton hybrids (events RR & RRF) in different States of India, 2015 to 2017 (Packets in Lakhs)
  • 3 Annexure-2: ICAR CICR and Telangana DOA reports on illegal HT cotton
  • 4 Annexure 3. Official import of biotech cotton genes/events for biosafety evaluation from 1996 to 2016
  • 5 Annexure 4. Photos of illegal HT cotton packets collected from different cotton growing markets in different Central and Southern States of India
  • 6 Annexure 5. Selected newspaper stories appeared in vernacular media regarding
  • 7 confiscated illegal HT cotton packets in some parts of Maharashtra, AP in Kharif 2017

DBT’s FISEC Report on Unapproved HT Cotton

Media News on Unapproved HT Cotton